Seller Profile – Wooly Pig Linocuts

Gavin Holliday

Etsy shop name
Wooly Pig Linocuts

Please describe your product range.
Handmade linocut prints and cards, framed and unframed, from original designs and artwork.

I started an Etsy shop because…
It is a great way to get online exposure for minimal cost, especially as I currently mainly sell my work as a sideline to finance the purchase of more and better tools and materials.

I feel inspired by…
History, art, nature, politics, humanity, music…

When I’m working on Etsy, I like to listen to…
Radio 4, Beatles, Bowie, Motown, Punk, Sibelius.

What will you have for sale at Etsy Made Local?
Unique, hand made linocut prints and cards, some framed.

Henderson’s Relish Bessemer convertor linocut print – £30

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