Seller Profile – Wooly Pig linocuts

Gavin Holliday

Etsy Shop Name
Wooly Pig linocuts

A bit about my product range
I create hand made linocut prints of a broad variety of subject matter, designed to reflect my own interests, and also the history of printing at grassroots level. Topics include politics, history, local subjects, humour and nature.

I explore different methods of hand-printing to create unexpected effects, and try to use unusual materials as well as conventional paper.

I sell my prints as unframed and framed versions, and also cards (which are also hand-printed).

I started an Etsy shop because…
Having sold my prints at a few local markets, I realised they were actually something that people wanted to buy! Etsy provided an easy, hassle-free way to enter the world of online retailing, a way of selling on the web that I could fit into my life without having to devote lots of time and money to building a unique website. It also offered entry into a pre-existing marketplace for products like mine.

I feel inspired by…
Too many things to mention… but politics, history, bicycles, humans, animals. I think it is a rare privilege to live on this planet, and I constantly stand amazed by the beauty in everyday things.

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Radio 4. I have recently discovered the wonders of Spotify, and am re-discovering music that I have not heard since my youth. I love the Spotify algorithm that figures out what your taste is, and selects music that it thinks you will enjoy. I am discovering lots of new sounds through this!

My favourite product to make is…
My hand coloured prints. The process I use for this always surprises me, and I love the slightly random character of each print.

My plans for the future are…
Gradually spend more time creating and less time working (at day job); ultimately would love to have my own studio and press and be able to do this as my only ‘work’!

A few of their products…