Seller Profile – The Thrifty Maker

Joe Doldon

Etsy Shop Name
The Thrifty Maker

A bit about my product range
My products are all handmade from salvaged waste material. In many of my products I use sheet glass which comes in large supply through acquiring offcuts at the picture framers where I work. The process of making terrariums with this led me on to using a similar formula to construct lamps. I have developed and produced 3 types of lamp, each quite unique. I also make necklaces using yew, a hardwood obtained through a tree surgeon, bagatelle boards, and book sculptures made with a twist!

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted to earn money doing the thing I enjoy most in life!

I feel inspired by…
The power to transform unwanted material destined for landfill into beautifully crafted items that perform a function and bring people joy. Countless artists who changed my approach to working in a more exploratory and curious nature with materials. My friends. Great music, and the unknown.

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Lots of different types of music. I’ve recently been enjoying the innovative and playful sounds of STUFF., the ecstatically feel good funky disco of Kiki Gyan, and the very very smooth Mr Anderson Paak.

My favourite product to make is…
Probably the glass box lamps. They’re pretty much the first thing I designed and made as ‘The Thrifty Maker’. They’re really satisfying at the stage where I’m stacking the glass slats and seeing the whole thing come together.

My plans for the future are…
Keep designing and making new products that excite me. Particularly lights and lamps. I love working with materials that are semi transluscent and transparent and delevoping an idea, and the puzzle of how to take that idea into a saleable finished product. Particularly unconventional materials like the fibreglass insulation. Maybe some collaborations with other artists and makers. To grow awareness of the business and hopefully turn it into a full time career… and to keep playing and improving on the drums!

A few of their products…