Seller Profile – The Spirit Forge

Amy Dickson

Etsy Shop Name
The Spirit Forge

A bit about my product range
I make unique soft sculptures and wearable pieces inspired by nature and my love for the unusual! I use reclaimed and vintage fabrics and materials wherever possible.
I work from my at home studio which has become known as The Spirit Forge. From moths to foxes, grasshoppers to magpies, each of my Spirits is lovingly hand sculpted, painted, sewn and embroidered to create a truly unique piece.

I started an Etsy shop because…
Several years ago I broke my foot and was unable to work for several weeks (my ‘real’ job is making costumes for theatre). I found myself itching to craft something, so with fabric remnants I had lying around I made my first moth sculpture. As soon as my mum saw it she fell in love and it’s been hanging on the wall in her living room ever since.
Now, during the quiet seasons in the theatre world, I reclaim materials left from projects and source beautiful vintage fabrics to make my Spirits and decided that Etsy is the best place to share my creations instantly with the world!

I feel inspired by…
Nature and folklore. I spent most of my childhood outdoors be it walking the dogs in the woods searching for toadstools and fairies or playing at my best friend’s farm building dens and looking after the animals. I also have a love of reading and fantasy and mythology is one of my favourite genres. I try and weave the two together to create my Spirits.

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
True crime podcasts! Somehow they are easy to work along to. I tried listening to audiobooks but found myself either not listening as I was working on something, or not working as the story just got interesting. But I am now the local expert on unsolved murder cases dating back to the 50s!

My favourite product to make is…
My moth sculptures. There’s something about embroidering the wings and making their little faces that it just so pleasing. Each one is so individual and has it’s own character by the time it is complete.

My plans for the future are…
To sell my Spirits in brick and mortar stores who support local creatives, alongside my Etsy shop. As my pieces are very textural, it sometimes takes seeing them in the flesh (or fur!) to fully appreciate them.

A few of their products…