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Cora Fung

Etsy shop name
Takara Crafts

Please describe your product range.
Our shop offers handmade accessories created with a traditional Japanese craft technique call “Tsumami-zaiku”. From geisha-style headpiece to everyday bobby pins, our accessories cover all styles and occasions. Commissions are very welcome and we strive to create a piece that suits your need. We also offer a wide range of interesting vintage objects, including jewellery, sculptures, ceramics and glasses and many more. All of our finds are thoroughly studied so that you can be sure of what your purchase was made of, when and where it was made, and its current state.

I started an Etsy shop because…
This shop was found by my long-time friend Chris and I. Chris was an independent research scientist, whilst I was a research student at the Uni. Both of us were frustrated with our original work and decided to turn a new page. Together, we turned our respective interests into a business and started selling. Chris is fond of vintage objects and antiques and likes to find out all the stories behind them. I like various crafts and am aspiring to become a craftsman of floral accessories.

I feel inspired by…
Most of my creations are inspired by flowers. Chrysanthemum, peony and roses are the regular cast of my work, although butterflies and birds are also on my list of experimental work. I often adopt harmonious colour schemes, although contrasting and complimentary colours are appearing more in my work to cover different styles.

When I’m working on Etsy, I like to listen to…
I like listening to a number of obscure rock and metal bands from Japan.

What will you have for sale at Etsy Made Local?
We will be selling tsumami-zaiku accessories including decorative combs, hair pins, hair clips, bobby pins, earrings and brooches. Like our usual store on Etsy, our accessories will range from elaborate headpieces to everyday hairpins.

Will you be offering a free pre-order/collection service at Etsy Made Local?
Yes! Use the coupon code EMLCOLLECT at my Etsy store checkout.

Decorative hair comb – £30

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