Seller Profile – Sheffield Mug Co

Rob Duffin

Etsy shop name
Sheffield Mug Co

Please describe your product range.
I design and print a range of items a variety of gifts including mugs, coaster, bags, bottle openers and more. Many of the designs feature Sheffield and the local areas within the city, and can be personalised on request.

I started an Etsy shop because…
After I started the business I knew I needed to sell online too and Etsy’s philosophy fitted with what I wanted to do better than other online selling platforms, and with a worldwide audience. The wider support network of the team has proved to be an unexpected bonus too!

I feel inspired by…
Sheffield! The majority of my work features Sheffield in some way, usually with a retro theme to it. I love the history of the city and try to celebrate the heritage of Sheffield in my work.

When I’m working on Etsy, I like to listen to…
6 Music

What will you have for sale at Etsy Made Local?
A selection of gifts for all the family, some of which can be personalised either by pre-ordering to collect at the market or by ordering at the market. The gifts include mugs, bottle openers and posters that you can see on my Etsy shop plus a few special items that will only be available at the Etsy Made Local market.

Will you be offering a free pre-order/collection service at Etsy Made Local?
Yes! Use the coupon code EMLCOLLECT at my Etsy store checkout.

“The North”mug – £7.50

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