Seller Profile – MirooMakes

Danielle Parker-Jessop

Etsy Shop Name

A bit about my product range
I make cute, colourful and quirky jewellery, inspired by the things that I love. All my pieces are designed with the intention to make people smile.

All my products are made from laser cut acrylic and hand assembled by me in my little home studio.

My pieces range from yellow submarine necklaces to pink T-Rex earrings.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I love making things, always have and always will. I started out by making pieces for myself. The lovely and encouraging comments I had from friends and family gave me the confidence to take the plunge and set up my Etsy shop. My very first sale came three days later. That first sale was a feeling I don’t think I’ll ever forget and I haven’t looked back since 🙂

I feel inspired by…
I LOVE colour, and you’ll see plenty of it in my work. I’m inspired by anything with a sense of playfulness and fun. For example my bumper car and retro caravan necklaces were inspired by a recent trip to the seaside with my little boy. And the Flamingos, Dinosaurs and Unicorns . . . well that’s self explanatory!

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
LotS of audiobooks. Audible was a game changer for me as I love to read but struggle to find the time to read as much as I used to. After discovering audiobooks I’ve been able to combine by two favourite pastimes, reading and jewellery making.

My favourite product to make is…
I love it all, there honestly isn’t a single part of it that I don’t enjoy. Every time I make a new design it becomes my favourite. Until the next one comes along.

My plans for the future are…
Lots of new designs and to spend as much time as possible growing my little business. I only started selling on Etsy this year, so my plan for the next year is to grow my online business, both on Etsy and my own website. I’ve got lots of exciting plans for new makes for next year, branching out from jewellery in to other areas!