Seller Profile – Magic Town Midway

Janine George

Etsy Shop Name
Magic Town Midway

A bit about my product range
Magic Town Midway is a magical midway bazaar full of fun and fabulous things! I sell vintage homeware, toys, bric-a-brac, collectibles, knick knacks, vintage greeting cards, ephemera, quirky curiosities and old books. I also stock a range of brightly coloured greeting cards which I designed and published over the last few years.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted to reach more people. I first set up my Etsy shop back in 2009 and sold online for a few months before getting my own dedicated e-commerce website. However after awhile I realised I simply couldn’t reach customers with my own site the same way I could with Etsy. So I came back! And I’ve been gradually building up the business ever since. I like the fact that you have a ready-made customer base with Etsy, and being able to sell to people all over the world is really cool.

I feel inspired by…
All sorts of things. I like vintage design, train stations, Mid 20th Century architecture, social history, old toys, art, pigeons, 60s/70s magazines and annuals, taking photos, collecting shopping lists, London Underground history, Brutalism and concrete, Paul Nicholas (the Just Good Friends years), weirdness, flea markets and charity shops, the seaside, vintage greeting cards, picture postcards and other ephemera, British Pathé and ‘60s Look at Life films, nature walks and being outdoors, Buddy Holly, the golden age, public art especially Mid Century, TOTP repeats, animals, old cinemas, fairgrounds, drawing, collecting stuff, kodachrome slides, watching rubbish TV… inspiration is everywhere!

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
The Troggs. I’m obsessed with them and listen to nothing else.

My favourite product to make is…
Well, as a vintage dealer I don’t make the products I sell of course, but I do spend a lot of time washing, cleaning and preparing them for the shop as they aren’t always in the best condition when I find them. I can’t really say that’s my favourite thing to do, although photographing them ready for the shop is quite fun!

A couple of years back I changed the name of my Etsy shop. Before it became Magic Town Midway (and a vintage shop) it used to be called Dilys Treacle Treasures, and I used to solely sell greeting cards. I made all of the designs by hand, and then had them reproduced onto cards. I still sell them now, but alongside everything else! I really loved the creative side of the greeting card business, but moved into selling vintage because I loved that more.

One of my favourite things is drawing and making random stuff, and I recently took part in Inktober on Instagram, where you draw a new thing every day. I don’t find the time to draw as much anymore, as I’m always busy with either my normal job or my Etsy shop, so it’s been a good way of setting regular time aside to do it again. I also like illustrating using machine-sewing and stitching. Most of my card designs were created that way.

My plans for the future are…
To keep expanding my Etsy shop and selling more cool things! My main aim is to continue sourcing the best vintage bric-a-brac and collectibles, plus the more curios the merrier as I love being able to offer my customers something unique.

Plans are afoot to add some of my original drawings and artworks to the shop, and in 2018 I’d also like to create some new card designs… they might even be individually handmade this time round.

I’d like to get Magic Town Midway out in the real world a bit more often too, so I’ll be trading at a few more markets and vintage fairs next year and will get to say hello to you in real life rather than just on social media!

A few of their products…