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Sophie Cooke

Etsy Shop Name

A bit about my product range
I make and sell hats, fascinators and hair accessories for all occasions. Whether you need something for a wedding or just something to brighten up your head on a dull day at the office, I’m your woman.

I learnt very early on that folks will only buy hats if they have an occasion that requires a hat…and that’s a pretty niche market! To provide a constant income, I diversified my ranges to include everything from hair clips and headbands for everyday wear as well as berets for those cold winter days.

I sell these more accessible ranges at local craft and vintage fairs as well as online. This has allowed me to form great relationships with my regular customers, so when they do that big date in the diary, they know exactly where to come for their headwear!

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted to sell more stuff!

I didn’t have the skills, time or confidence to start my own website when I joined Etsy six years ago. It provided a brilliant solution and continues to be a great outlet for my work, alongside my own website.

I also love, that thanks to Etsy, I can now say that I have sent my designs to every continent on the globe!

I feel inspired by…
All sorts of things. But I am a serial hoarder and so sometimes the best inspiration can simply be a studio tidy-up.

It’s amazing what you can find in forgotten boxes on the top of a stack of shelves!

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Radio 6…best radio station ever!

My favourite product to make is…
Anything design that I can create a production line for!

That might sound a bit dull, but I find the repetition of the tasks quite soothing. I also work faster because the muscle memory in my fingers is retained. I find it hugely satisfying to see how much I’ve made at the end of good day’s work.

My plans for the future are…
At the mo I’m gearing up for Etsy Made Local, our annual team-run Christmas Market. As I’ll also have another event the same weekend, I’m just trying to get enough stock made and ready for the Christmas rush.

However, I am also starting to plan my Spring/Summer millinery designs for next year, they will be photographed at the beginning of 2018…it’s always a battle to be constantly thinking 6 months ahead!

A few of their products…