Seller Profile – Emily Alice Ball

Emmie Ball

Etsy shop name
Emily Alice Ball

Please describe your product range.
My jewellery is inspired by science – specifically molecules. I create sculptures of different molecules in precious metals. My serotonin range is inspired by the hormone that keeps us happy and calm. My caffeine range is all about coffee! Dopamine is what controls the brains reward system and is known for being the feeling of passion and excitement. Each mini collection is inspired by the shape and meaning of a certain molecule. It’s all about people, fun, and meaningful pieces of jewellery to wear.

I started an Etsy shop because…
Ooh, it seems so long ago… I wanted to share my molecules with the world! People were asking to buy my work and I didn’t have any way to sell it online at that time. Then a friend mentioned this magical word ‘Etsy’. And my business was born.

I feel inspired by…
People, interactions, science, psychology and being happy.

When I’m working on Etsy, I like to listen to…
All sorts, right now I’m listening to Nina Simone.

What will you have for sale at Etsy Made Local?
Molecule jewellery – made from precious metals. Lots of wearable sculptures of feel good hormones and well known molecules. From serotonin to caffeine, there’ll be something to fall in love with.

Will you be offering a free pre-order/collection service at Etsy Made Local?
Yes! Use the coupon code EMLCOLLECT at my Etsy store checkout.

Serotonin molecule charm bracelet – £55

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