Seller Profile – DanscapePhoto

Dan Cook

Etsy Shop Name

A bit about my product range
I am a landscape, nature and travel photographer and produce a range of prints, cards and posters which show the beauty of the outdoors.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted to create something more with my photography and share my images in a physical format and not just online. Being able to sell my prints around the world has been a brilliant outcome.

I feel inspired by…
Being outdoors is always inspiring, I am inspired by the isolation and peace of the outdoors. Through photography I have come to appreciate the nearby landscapes of the Peak District and the green spaces of Sheffield. Yet it also inspires me to travel further afield in search of new places.

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Anything familiar really, songs that I can sing along to with nobody listening. It’s a pretty diverse mix from singer songwriters to rappers.

My favourite product to make is…
Well most of my products are prints and it’s always great to see a photograph in print, it can make or break an image. I think my favourite prints to make and sell are the abstract images, the ones I feel are particular to my style of photography and vision. It’s great to find that connection with the viewer.

My plans for the future are…
I need to find a project and theme for my photography and produce an exhibition or book. Something a bit more substantial than selling individual images feels like the next challenge.