Seller Profile – Cosy Companions

Lisa Hales

Etsy shop name
Cosy Companions

Please describe your product range.
I design and sew a range of beds and cage accessories for the smaller pets we keep. My most popular customers are rats, ferrets and degus.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted a hobby I enjoyed and got self-worth from. I had never used a sewing machine before and learnt I was a dab hand at it!

I feel inspired by…
My pets and seeing cute pictures of other people’s pets using my beds.

When I’m working on Etsy, I like to listen to…
Chart music – sewing and singing come hand in hand for a good time!

What will you have for sale at Etsy Made Local?
I will sew lovely Christmassy-themed beds as well as bringing some new items for bigger pets. I’ll also sell my usual hammocks and beds which aren’t in a Christmas pattern. Pets need Christmas presents too!

Will you be offering a free pre-order/collection service at Etsy Made Local?
Yes! Use the coupon code EMLCOLLECT at my Etsy store checkout.

Gingerbread box bed – £9.50

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