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Jo Noble

Etsy Shop Name

A bit about my product range
The Chic-yCow creates hand painted and printed leather/mixed media accessories, leather jewellery, purses, keyrings and leather clutch bags.

These are made using leather that has been embellished with intricately printed and painted designs before being cut, layered and combined to create softly textural jewellery that’s oh so tactile! Whilst I am occasionally distracted by geometric shapes and repeating patterns, my main love is working with natural forms. During the Spring/Summer, my work features hand painted/ printed flowers and in Autumn/Winter you can see pieces that are covered with embroidered metallic leaves and leather jewellery that has been hand painted in bold colours combined with semi precious and glass beads and metal hardware.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I wanted to have an online presence and thought that being part of the Etsy Community would let me dabble with that whilst providing support from them and fellow sellers. I wanted to showcase my work amongst talented artists, designers and makers with an appreciative audience that enjoy the ‘handmade element’.

I feel inspired by…
Mother Nature – for all her amazing colours and designs and also architecture as I am in awe of all the shapes, lines and all the nooks and crannies!

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Mainly Radio 2 as it often makes me chuckle and I can sing along (very badly) to the tunes!
Also love Coldplay, George Michael and Take That!

My favourite product to make is…
Any of my items that involve hand painting, as I love the colour blending and I enjoy the individuality of each piece when it’s made.

My plans for the future are…
To continue to experiment with shapes and colour and incorporate different materials into my work. I would also like to create and sell leather applique shapes that others could use to add to their work.

A few of their products…

Leather Brooch