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Debra Burrell

Etsy Shop Name

A bit about my product range
I make fused glass art landscapes to decorate your home and yourself. They are unique and handcrafted in my Sheffield studio, Exchange Place. They range in size from pendants to large freestanding pieces. They are vibrant and colourful and encapsulate a small forest that enliven your space.

I started an Etsy shop because…
I’d had enough of the nine to five and stress. Not that teaching is nine to five, I needed to reclaim my work life balance, mental and physical health. I decided to turn my hobby and passion into a business.

I feel inspired by…
Nature, art, colour, texture, pattern, noise, the everyday environment around me. I take photos when walking the dog and use them as inspiration for my art.

When I’m making, I like to listen to…
Planet Rock or my music on shuffle. I have an eclectic taste , Dead Kennedys, Audioslave – Adagio for strings.

My favourite product to make is…
Silver Birch trees. I love trees

My plans for the future are…
Carry on making art. Try to sell more make more.

A few of their products…

Tiny Art