Privacy notice

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy is an Etsy team that operates as non-profit organisation and is independent from Etsy. We exist to create a community of sellers to help us all better our shops and sales, both online and at events. We collect personal information to keep you informed of our activities and when you apply to take part in our events and hold that securely using a number of third party providers. We do not share that information with anyone else, other than providing Etsy with a list of shops taking part in Etsy Made Local.

This privacy policy provides more details of the information we collect and how we use it.



We are an Etsy team, and to become a member you need to have an active Etsy shop. We have a team forum on Etsy, which you are listed as a team member of once you become a member of the team. You are free to leave the team at any point, although this may not delete any posts you have made in the forum. We use the third party provider, Etsy – surprisingly enough – for this. You can read Etsy’s privacy policy at:



We use cookies purely for the administration of the website, although this may change if we update the website – and if so this privacy policy will be amended to provide the necessary information. This cookie stores the login information to allow the authorised administrators of the site access and change the website as required and expires when they log out.


Mailing List

We have a mailing list to keep members up to date with our activities, events and opportunities. The information provided allows us to keep in touch with you on social media too if you complete the relevant sections. We may share opportunities from external organisations, but we do not share or give access to our mailing list to anyone else.

We use a third party provider, Mailchimp, to deliver our newsletter and we gather statistics around email opening. You are free to unsubscribe from any of our newsletters using the link provided on each newsletter or by contacting us. You can read Mailchimp’s privacy notice here:


Event Applications

When you apply to any events that we host, we record personal information about you and your business. We use this information to select stall holders for our selling events, and to create invoices for successful applicants and those who wish to take part in any of our events that require payment. Application information is deleted within two months after the end of the event, with the exception of invoices that are retained for seven years as a legal requirement.

We use a third party provider, Google, to securely host the files necessary to record and process this information. You can see Google’s Privacy Policy at:

Access to Your Personal Information

Your are entitled to access the personal information that we hold on you. Please contact us with your request.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is under regular review. The most up to date version will be posted here in this website.

24 May 2018 – Rob Duffin (Team Captain)