Herd of Sheffield

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy team member Laura Gray of Doodle Monkey was selected to design one the the fabulous elephants for the Herd of Sheffield earlier this year. This is her story about how it all happened and the design of ‘her’ elephant:

I submitted a design to Herd of Sheffield back in November and the sponsors chose their favourite at a special preview evening. My design was chosen by GRI.

The Design

Laura Gray's Herd of Sheffield Elephant - Symbiosis

‘Symbiosis’ – Graves Park

Whilst travelling around Asia and South Africa, I noticed the symbiotic relationship between birds and elephants. The birds would clean and groom the elephants whilst the elephants provided the birds with food such as insects. My addition to the herd, entitled ‘Symbiosis’, shows how creatures great and small rely on each other and can exist in harmony.

The colour palette I’ve used is a nod to the colours of Sheffield – the reds and oranges of the brickwork, the blues of the painted woodworks (used in the old industrial buildings) and the yellows and greens of all the green spaces throughout the city.

The Elephant Trail

There are 58 large elephants around Sheffield that make up the trail. The elephants will all be auctioned off at the end of trail in October to raise vital funds for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

The charity raises money through donations and buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps to create a comfortable, engaging environment for their patients.


Laura Gray

Laura Gray - Doodle Monkey. Herd of Sheffield elephant 'Symbiosis'

Laura Gray and Symbiosis

Laura founded Doodle Monkey, an Illustration, Design & Photography business, in 2012 after spending 6 months working abroad with monkeys (what else do you do after splitting up with your husband?). She graduated from Aberdeen College in 2001 after studying photography & design, and has since worked as a freelance photographer, digital artist and illustrator. She now receives regular commissions for logo designs and artwork for websites, flyers and posters. She also sells her work as prints and products, which are humorous and quirky in design, at various stockists, markets and also her Etsy Shop. You can also follow Laura on social media:

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