#EtsySheffTile: an Art Installation

If you visit our Etsy Made Local 2016 Sheffield Market this December at the Sheffield Town Hall, you’ll have the added bonus of viewing our team’s art installation. The art installation takes the form of individual tiles and is based on personal representations of Sheffield.

What does ‘Sheffield’ mean to you?


#EtsySheffTile ‘Sheffield Town Hall’ by Josephine Dellow


Jayne Maxwell Harrison’s jewellery craft (MaxwellHarrison) features in her #EtsySheffTile.

Created by our team members, the makers were asked to create a tile in either abstract or true representation form of what Sheffield means to them – each message being unique. The main challenge was: How much detail could be fitted onto a 10 x 10cm tile?

The makers were encouraged to give thought to the environment by upcycling materials where possible, drawing on Etsy’s Mission & Values of creating a lasting world. The end result is an interesting collection of 2D and 3D pieces of art with each tile revealing its maker’s connection to Sheffield and the materials used in their craft.


Cora Fung of Takaracrafts (left) at the Etsy Craft Party, working in fine detail on her tile.

Back in June, one of the team leaders held an Etsy Craft Party. This global event is an Etsy initiative providing the opportunity for local makers to connect and create. The party was a small affair, but a great excuse for fellow team members to link the making of their tiles with a social gathering. The day was shared through our social media channels using the hashtags #EtsyCraftParty and #EtsySheffTile.

The art installation was open not only to our team members, but the general public and we were honoured to have the involvement of two local schools. Pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6 at Oasis Academy Watermead and pupils who attend the after school club Dragon’s Den at Marlcliffe Primary School all joined in by creating a tile based on what Sheffield means to them. Three tiles were jointly chosen and the lucky winners, along with their adults, have been invited to attend our exclusive preview evening on the eve of the market opening where they will have the opportunity to meet with the Lord Mayor of Sheffield.


A tile being created by a pupil at the ‘Dragon’s Den’ after school club, Marlcliffe Primary School.

The adult-child collaboration provided a wonderful connection with the ‘Year of Making Sheffield 2016’ by linking our team members – Sheffields current makers – with local children – Sheffields future makers.

The children certainly outnumbered our team in the number of submissions and for this, their enthusiasm and the school’s participation must be congratulated. All-in-all, we have been amazed by the quality of the tiles which adults and children alike have taken their time to create. Truly, this has been a celebration of community, connection and creation.

The art installation will be unveiled at the preview evening on Friday 2nd December where it will remain on display throughout the weekend for the duration of the market.

We invite you to come along to the market where you will not only be able to start and finish your Christmas shopping in one weekend, but where we hope you will take a little breather out of your busy shopping schedule to view the art installation.

We challenge you to find the meanings of what ‘Sheffield’ means to its community!


#EtsySheffTile ‘Team Logo’ made using upcycled fabric by Barbara Rose of BarMadeBags.