Behind the Scenes: Etsy Team Meetings

One of the great things about our team is that we don’t just chat online.  Thanks to the team being geographically based within the boundary of the Sheffield city region, we are able to have a regular monthly team meetings to discuss our upcoming projects and events in person.

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy Team Meetings at The Sheffield Tap

It’s great to be able to natter online about how best to promote our shops, what new resources team members have found and other useful tips and hints.  But nothing beats catching up in person and strengthening our support network “in real life”.

We meet on a Thursday at the Sheffield Tap, handily located just beside (some would say within!) Sheffield train station.  It’s also handy for the bus station and for getting in from the motorway, not just by rail. The other draw, as Rob our Team Captain, will confirm is the quality of their brews too…especially the beery ones, not just the coffee!

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy Team Meetings at The Sheffield Tap

We usually have a spot reserved for us in a snug, just past the toilets, behind the bar. I know – I’m not selling this as classy, but that really is the best description for where to find us! It is a rather large venue with quite a few rooms.  If in doubt though, just keep an eye out for our orange flags, courtesy of Etsy.

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy Team Meetings

As you can see by the drinks it’s not all work, work, work!

If you miss the flags, you can usually follow the sound of laughter before we get down to business.  Our usual turnout is at least a dozen of us from month to month. As we alternate the time of day, either 11.30am or 6pm, it means different folks can attend whilst working around other life commitments.

We always start with an intro around the table and welcome any new attendees.  There is always an agenda, just to help keep us on track.  As we seem to have had at least one project to discuss at any of our meetings, this does mean we don’t over run and also that we, the leaders, don’t miss anything out. On this month’s agenda was:

  • an update on the progress of Etsy Made Local 2016 and the associated Art Installation project
  • product call outs for promotion via our social media platforms
  • Etsy’s #DifferenceMakesUs campaign
  • our upcoming photography workshop and social

All that before finally getting to Any Other Business.  You can see why we need an agenda!

Sheffield Sellers on Etsy Team Meetings - Captain and scribe!

Donna showing off her tan and Rob with a pint!

For those that can’t make the meeting, one of our team leaders Donna is our official minute taker.  It is really important to us to keep all members updated about the outcomes of the meetings, especially if they are unable to attend themselves. We publish these via our dedicated Facebook Group as well as on the team discussion pages via Etsy. As you can see, Donna is so speedy on the laptop, her fingers are just a blur!

We hope this little snapshot helps makes the idea of walking into a room full of strangers a little bit less scary.  We do all have one immediate thing in common though, we all sell on Etsy.  We all know how much hard work it can be, how frustrating, how time-consuming, as well as the rewards it can bring when things go well!  That’s why we get together to share our knowledge and experience along with creating wider opportunities to try to make things a bit easier.

If you fancy joining us for a future meeting, please do check out our Events Page for the next date in the diary.  We look forward to seeing you there!